The Sisters’ mission is to devote ourselves to loving God and making Him loved, and we live out this calling by supporting renewal in parishes through Eucharistic Adoration, faith formation, and building up a sense of community. We also have a particular focus on youth, and leading them to be an integral part of the parish. Young people are getting lost in our materialistic and consumer driven culture. Many feel they are not of value unless they are attractive or “useful” or in possession of the latest technology. Many struggle with their self-image and sense of self-worth, and ultimately find only emptiness where they are promised happiness. The high rates of youth depression and suicide in our country and the Western world at large bear witness to this dire situation. Young people need to know that they are loved, that they are a gift in themselves and that they can make a difference in the Church and in the world.

Throughout each aspect of our apostolate, one of the principle ways that we minister to young people, and people of all ages, is by introducing them or strengthening them in the practice of prayer.  A relationship with God underpins all of the work that we do.

Immaculata Mission School

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Our Mission Schools are aimed at leading the youth to come to know God, to experience His love, and to discover how they can bring that love to others.  Since 2008 we have been conducting 'short-term' Mission Schools, with times of prayer, talks on the faith, fellowship and opportunities for participants to develop their gifts and talents for the service of their parish and the Church.

In September 2016 we will conduct a long-term Mission School, which will run until January 2017 and provide a smaller number of participants with an intensive period of formation in the Catholic faith and in mission, and the opportunity to put what they have learnt into practice through various outreaches in Tasmania and around Australia.


World Youth Day Pilgrimages

308985 10150943325295357 1594845287 nFatimaImmaculata World Youth Day pilgrimages (Toronto 2002, Cologne 2005, Sydney 2008, Madrid 2011 and Krakow 2016) are an opportunity to go deeper.  Each piilgrimage is anchored in prayer, especially Holy Mass, Adoration and the Rosary, so that young people have the opportunity to go on a spiritual journey, to be formed in the Heart of Jesus, through Mary.  Our devotion to the Saints is an important part of the journey, as young people discover those who have gone before them in the Christian life.

At the heart of each pilgrimage is the call to love God and to love each other; so that we are truly united and able to receive all the graces He has in store for us.



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The Sisters of the Immaculata and the Immaculata Community have been running retreats for 14 years.  These have been aimed at young people, parishes and families.  

"The way the people in Immaculata expressed their faith was an argument in itself, they were speaking from personal experience, not from theory.  It was the first time a Catholic's testimony truly spoke to me." Alex Leach, evangelical Protestant who returned to the Catholic faith after attending an Immaculata retreat in 2009.

"Having never been baptised or raised in the faith, the Immaculata retreat was my first Christian experience and the beginning of my conversion.  I would not be Catholic without the Sisters.  I felt very well prepared through their support and the RCIA course Immaculata ran to live my faith and seek a holy Catholic marriage." Anthony Armstrong, baptised and entered the Catholic Church in 2010 after attending an Immaculata retreat in 2009.

"I have witnessed over the years the incredible transformation experienced by the youth as they encounter God's love through the example of the Immaculata community.  Their retreats are experiences of that transformative grace in action." Stephen Rawson, husband and father.

Supporting parishes and the community

Depending on the parish and its needs, the Sisters of the Immaculata have served in a variety of ways, from supporting (or running) Adoration, sacramental programs, and RCIA and RCIC courses, to youth groups and home visits of the sick and elderly.

"Since the day our sons were born, my daily prayer has been that they will receive the gift of faith and hold on to it all their life.  Yes, we sent them to Catholic schools but the statistics show that most youth leave the Church soon after leaving school.  That's why the Sisters of the Immaculata were an answer to my prayers.  Since becoming involved with the Immaculata Community our sons have grown in faith.  The Community helps youth to know and respond to God's love in their lives and to draw closer to that love."  Chris Fleming, husband and father who's sons were formed through the youth group and Mission Schools