Mary, Life and Source of Grace

“In response to this calling we consecrate ourselves to Jesus through Mary, Our Mother. We ask her to hide us deep within her Immaculate Heart and by this special consecration we are forever associated to Our Lady's presence and contemplation of the Crucified and Glorified Lord Jesus Christ.” (Constitutions 1, 3)

The mystery of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady is the characteristic trait of our community of the Sisters of the Immaculata. It is a source of life for each of us having been called to live in this community.

OurLady-ChapelOutside of God, Mary is our greatest gift, given to us by Jesus on the Cross – “Behold thy Mother”. She is the perfect disciple – the daughter of the Father, the mother of the Son and the spouse of the Holy Spirit. This relationship is a profound mystery, in which we seek to enter by taking Mary into our home and our hearts, like the beloved disciple, in order to teach us how to love God more perfectly.

After Christ, Mary was the first to fully live the life of the Gospel. Like her, we seek to listen to the Word of God, follow the Gospel through the eyes of the Church and to do what ever He tells us (Constitutions 1,5).

Her FIAT, her “yes” to the Father’s will, allowed God to send His only begotten Son into the world for our salvation. Her faithfulness to the Holy Spirit helps us to keep our eyes fixed on the Cross and so, unlike the other disciples who ran away during the time of Crucifixion, Mary gives us the courage to stay.

Hence we entrust our hearts to Mary so that she may prepare us to be given ever more to God, and through this, she would be that silent and loving presence in order for our testimony to be truthful and fruitful. No one knows how to love Jesus like Mary. She is the one with whom we are able to serve and nurture every individual, teaching them the gift of faith, helping them to discover the gift of who they are in God and encouraging them to utilise their gifts and talents for the building up of the Church in order to be light for the world.

In Mary we discover ever more our particular vocation as women. Hence, we seek to imitate her, not just in faith, hope and love, but also in her feminine presence nurturing all those we meet with her maternal heart. As the Mother of God received the Word become flesh, we want to be open for others, receiving and accepting them as they are and seeing them in the light of God’s wisdom and love (Constitution 1,8).

Jesus prayed to His Father in heaven that all would be one and so give glory to the Father. We particularly seek Mary’s guidance for this unity in our community life, so that we may learn from her how to become pure of heart, mind and body and regard the other as more important than ourselves (constitution 1,9).
It is good that we see ourselves as brides of Christ who bear witness that God’s wisdom is complete, where the Church answers to the total gift of the Bridegroom, Jesus. We seek to follow the chaste, poor, obedient Christ, more fully through the evangelical vows of chastity, poverty and obedience so we may have an undivided heart completely given to Christ for the service of His Church (constitution 1,10).

We leave the world behind us and follow Our Lord Jesus Christ. We give up everything for Him. It is only through the Cross that we understand His love for us, that He has redeemed us and saves us from death. Through our consecration we make a commitment to always remain faithful with the Cross before us and the world behind us, at His Mother’s side (Constitution 1,11).