Our Charism


We are Eucharistic. The Eucharist is at the heart of our prayer life and the Apostolate. All stems from love of God in prayer and so we recognise first and foremost that it is by sitting at the feet of Jesus that true evangelisation begins.


We entrust our lives to Mary. After Christ, Mary was the first to fully live the life of the Gospel. She helps us to remain faithful, bearing witness to the love of God made manifest on the Cross. Her silent and loving presence is necessary for our testimony to be truthful and fruitful. Thus she shows us not only how to love Jesus, but also how to make Jesus loved.


We seek to live like the Apostles. We leave the world behind us and follow our Lord Jesus Christ. We give up everything for love of Him, trusting in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit and entrusting to Him the use of our talents for the glory of God.


We desire spiritual renewal in our parishes. The parish community is at the heart of the Church. It is in the parish that people are strengthened by the Sacraments and the Word of God, taught to know and love God and nurtured within a faith community. With Eucharistic Adoration at the heart of our mission, we seek to provide faithful and loving support to parish priests by helping to form parishioners and the wider community in a love for Christ and all things Catholic. We place an emphasis on the discipleship of young people, who are the very life and vitality of the Church. It is young people that will bring about the fire needed in so many of our parish communities.


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